Loie Istanbul's history of great success in Turkey is only made possible by Pınar Yılmaz's love of shoes in her childhood and her fashion design education, and by using first-class leathers, handcrafting, and technology.
The brand appeals to the modern women of the new age with its fast-fashion collection offering comfort with fashion.

Loie was founded in Istanbul in 2018 as the result of 49 years of experience in the footwear sub-industry as a family company and started to offer its customers in Turkey a luxurious online shopping experience via www.loieistanbul.com.

Offering a unique online shopping experience and existing in Turkish and foreign fashion markets, Louie operates in 94 countries including the UK, Italy, the USA, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Canada.

Loie opened its first store, 130-square-meters in size, on Nisantasi Akkavak Street. The store in Nişantaşı become the meeting point of Istanbulites with its focus on the boutique luxury retail concept.

The success story of Loie in Turkey is a result of its understanding that focuses on proving its reliability and sincerity in the industry with its “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction” policy followed since the day of its foundation.

In 2022, Loie will further improve the service quality it offers to its customers through developing options for online shopping, which is rapidly growing in Turkey and abroad, and increasing its investments to become a global brand.






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