Use and Care Manual

1) When buying shoes, try on the right and left shoes of the pair together. You should never buy shoes that squeeze your feet.

2) Your shoes should fit on your feet. Shoes that are too small for your feet cause problems such as early deformation and tear of lining.

3) The sweat absorbed by shoes evaporates in 24 hours. Therefore, wearing your shoes every 2 days will allow you to use them for a longer time.

4) Wet and damp shoes should be dried at room temperature and by being filled with absorbent material, not near central heating or under the sun. Drying processes near central heating or under sunlight, etc. may cause loosening of the glued parts of the shoes, cracking of the leather surface, stains and deformities.  

5) When shoes are muddy or dirty, they should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Care of shoes made of suede, nubuck, etc. is more sensitive than smooth leather. Cleaning and care should necessarily be done with brush, eraser and care products. Silicone-based sprays should not be used.

6) Suede shoes should be cleaned with a suede brush or eraser.

7) Leather shoes should be polished in their own color or with a natural polish.

8) Nubuck shoes should be cleaned with a nubuck eraser or a soft sponge.

9) Shoes should necessarily be ventilated against possible odors. To prevent deformation, a shoe last should be put in shoes while resting or storing them.

10) Shoes should not be kept in humid environments.

11) Shoes should never be washed in a washing machine or by hand. They should not be cleaned with materials such as bleach, detergent, etc.

12) You should use your shoes under such conditions that are suitable for their structure and intended use. Shoes used in areas and circumstances out of the scope of their intended use will wear out in a short time and may cause irreparable deformations.

13) Wear your shoes by unlacing them and without stepping on the back (heel counter) parts (your shoes cannot be interfered with in any way after the heel counter breaks).

14) Wrinkles and stretching may occur on the leather surface of your shoes depending on the structure of your feet and how you use your shoes. These wrinkles and stretches will increase with each stretching (twisting) of feet. You are recommended to use appropriate shoe lasts to prevent deformations on your shoes.

15) It is recommended that leather, suede and nubuck shoes should not be used in snowy and rainy environments, and only rubber and gum sole shoes should be used.

16) We should wear shoes by using a shoehorn. Attempting to wear the products with your hand or by stepping on them may cause tearing at the heel, breakage of toe box, seam slippage, and deformation on the leather surface.

17) Do not use silicone sponge or liquid paint to polish your shoes. It shortens the life of the leather surface and causes it to dry and crack.

18) Linen products should be hand washed in cold water. Bleach or brightener should not be used and they should not be machine washed.

19) Shoes may squeeze or pinch your feet during the first few times you wear them, until they adapt to your feet. Therefore, before going out with new shoes, it is good to try them on at home a few times.

20) Shoes with synthetic material in the inner lining are likely to cause odor and take in water.

21) For unprocessed natural leather, light-colored (Mink, Grey, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, etc.) products may experience darkening in color after dyeing and care.

22) Non-removable stains that may occur on the shoes due to excessive sweating of the feet are not a manufacturing defect.

23) Leather is a natural product, it breathes and has a natural flexibility. Unevenness on the surface of the leather, such as color differences, pore stains and stitching marks, are not a quality defect, but document the naturalness of the product.

24) Do not store your shoes in a plastic bag, do not keep them under strong light or intense sunlight for a long time. Otherwise, you may experience color changes or fading. The sun may cause fading of the leather surface on shoes.

25) Sweaty feet and snow may cause saltiness on the leather surface and cause non-removable stains.

26) Have your dirty or stained shoes cleaned only by certified expert cleaners.

27) Shoes with hand-stitched upper parts (so-called saddler-made shoes) may take in water through the seams. Therefore, you should avoid stepping in puddles with this type of shoes in winter and rainy weather as far as possible.

28) Boots with zippers may take in water through the zipper area. Therefore, you should not step in puddles that will reach the level of the zipper, with this type of shoes.

29) It should not be forgotten that shoes not having the expression "waterproof" on them may take in water in the rain.

30) In shoes where so-called "Crazy" leather (where cowhide is used and which is not processed in order not to spoil the natural appearance of the leather) is used, there may be differences in colors of the right and left shoes of the same pair. This circumstance is due to characteristic of the leather, it is not a defect.

31) The soles may damage the leather surface, since the shoes rub against each other while walking or sitting, this can even stain the leather surface from time to time in light-colored shoes. It is not normal in walking physiology for shoes to rub against each other. The user is solely responsible for any wear or stain resulting from such habits. Reasons such as friction, impact etc. are not considered as manufacturing defects.

32) Linen products may discolor due to reasons such as being left wet and damp, contact with sea water, cleaning and polishing substances used and applied, and constant use without socks on excessively sweaty feet.

33) The product laces should be tied properly and the foot should remain motionless inside the product. Otherwise, the inner heel counter lining of the product may tear, and the heel counter rubber may break and deform from the inside to the outside.

34) Due to the anatomical structure of feet, there may be sideways expansion and wrinkles in leather, suede and linen products, it's normal.

35) Do not clean or directly contact your 100% Leather Shoes and Bags with solvent-containing chemicals. (Alcohol, Wet Wipes, etc.) If such chemicals are used, the leather surface may crack, stain and deform.  

Exercise of Rights Arising From Defects and Conditions for Return of Defective Goods

1) Seller shall not be held responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of Buyer's use of the purchased product contrary to the usage instructions and storage conditions specified on the website.

2) Buyer and/or the person who received the delivery is obliged to check during the delivery whether the product(s) is/are delivered in a sound condition, in whole, in compliance with the specified qualifications and as required by the legislation. A report should be kept during the delivery with the transportation company’s representative regarding the product(s) that is/are detected to be damaged. Otherwise, Seller shall not be held responsible for any damages to or defects in the products.

A user/buyer who believes that the product has a defect originating from production, is obliged, in terms of defects that are visible and/or detectable by checking, within 30 days at the latest if BUYER is the consumer, and within 8 days at the latest if BUYER is not the consumer,  to notify the defect to[email protected], explaining/specifying in detail how and when he detected the defect and his contact information. Otherwise, user/buyer cannot exercise his rights regarding the defect since the defect notification has not been made in due time.

In cases where the consumer is aware or expected to be aware of the defect on the date when the Contract was concluded, SELLER cannot be held responsible, mentioning about a breach of the Contract.

3) Buyer is obliged to send the product for review with the following return address and contact information, through his e-mail address, by attaching the e-mail sent following the defect notification, or by submitting a wet signed petition within the same period. The invoice and all documents regarding the purchasing information should be sent together with the product and the petition.

4) Provided that defects that are visible and/or detectable by checking are notified within the aforementioned periods and other hidden defects are notified as soon as they come in view within 2 years following the date of delivery, within 30 business days following the request and the complete delivery of the product as specified above, we will review whether the application has been made duly, then whether the alleged defect/damage/deficiency etc. exists, and if so, whether it was caused by the user and usage or the production, and bring the defect to a conclusion.

6) In case it is identified, as a result of the review, that the application was not made in accordance with the conditions for application, that the alleged defect/damage/deficiency, etc. does not exist, or that the defect exists, but was caused by the user and/or usage, all materials sent shall be sent back, the shipping fee and customs and other tax / charge expenses, if applicable, to be at Buyer’s cost. In addition, the result of the review and the grounds for it shall be notified to the Buyer.

7) In case it is understood, as a result of the review, that the alleged defect/damage/deficiency, etc. is a defect arising from production and that the right arising from the defect has been exercised in due time with all legal conditions; defects that can be eliminated by simple repair shall be eliminated and sent to Buyer without claiming any additional shipping fee, all expenses to be at our cost. In case of defects that cannot be eliminated by simple repair, we will bring the defect to a conclusion, depending on which of the Buyer's rights of choice of replacement with a non-defective equivalent or a refund has been exercised. If replacement of the product with a non-defective equivalent is impossible since the product is stock-out under the then current conditions or its production has being discontinued, a refund shall be made.

8) If it is decided upon the return or replacement of the product, Buyer should deliver the product's box, packaging and standard accessories, if any, in full. If the invoice for the product that is decided to be refunded is a corporate invoice, the product should be sent together with the return invoice issued by the institution. If these accessories are not delivered, we will have the initiative, as Seller, as to whether or not to make the replacement or refund.

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