Sun Beyaz Deri Terlik

Price : $360.00

- Base: Lightweight EVA-Rubber sole for long-term cushioning, Inner Insole supporting Anatomical Foot 
- External Material: 100% Rugan Leather
- Interior Material: 100% Leather
- Base Length: 3,5 cm, ABS material and bumper paint
- This product size is normal fit. We suggest you to buy your standard EU size.
- Made in Turkey.
- Exchanges and refunds cannot be made on overseas orders.

Product Care
- Avoid your leather product frmo moisture and any direct heat source
- Avoid your leather product from water
- Do regular care for your product with smooth or grained leather with shoe polish balm.
- Click here for more detailed maintenance recommendations.

*The drawing is for size 38. Other sizes are in the table below.



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